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You know what,

two weeks ago, I crossed the ocean and left all I knew behind. My family, my friends, my chldhood memories, my school, my university, MY CAT, absolutely everything that is dear to me, and I came to a city I had never visited before, to a new apartment, to live with people I had never even talked to before.

The first night was really weird and I was really anxious, I was in a strange place, all by myself for the first time in my life.

I couldn’t sleep, so I took my 3DS and decided to play a little bit until I was sleepy and could finally rest.

I loaded Starbell and I did not expect what I would feel next. Rocky opened her door and I was instantly calmed. 

Everything was suddenly familiar.

The sound of the grass under my feet, the soothing music, the streetlights, the paths I know so well (hell, I BUILT them!) and some of the villagers that couldn’t sleep, just like myself. 

First I was in a country that wasn’t my own, with people I didn’t know and no one to tell what I felt to, and then I was home.

Starbell doesn’t only belong to Rocket and Yuji and Cash and Dulce. It belongs to me too. For a second it became the familiar place I needed to feel safe enough to sleep that night.

Starbell is my home too. 

This game is home. <3

Anonymous: What's your and your character's favorite seasons?

Anonymous: Really wanted to say your comics and lil' story arcs really kinda cheered me up reading them. ;u; I was in a down mood earlier from something stupid but your art and characters lifted some weight off my shoulders. Never stop, gurl. ;7;

I will never stop ;u; aaah, I’m so glad they could cheer you up! I’m already writing and doodling thumbnails to make more so look forward to it!!

Anonymous: Do any of your characters other than Rocket have siblings?

Nope! uvu Rocky is the only one with a brother! 

k9y: His natural hair color is black. DOES THIS MEAN THAT WASn' T YUJI IT WAs C ASH KISSING DOLCE

I’ve actually never dyed my hair black before! I like brighter colors, but I have to admit a black mohawk would be pretty damn metal!

Anonymous: Hey, I was just reading your comic and it occurred to me; what was cash's natural hair color?

It’s a secret uvu

bird-scissors: Neni!! I am in love with your blog, and with all the tales about each resident in your town! I hope I can learn a thing or two from you about making little comics, because I've always really wanted to and yours inspire me to do so. Never stop being great! (PS I literally want to marry Cash oh my goodness)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! If you want to, start! I’m terrible at it but they’re so much fun I promise you won’t regret it!! uvu 

Anonymous: I just wanted you to know I'm so proud of your for moving and I'm so happy that you've been able to do it. It's probably a huge culture shock, but I hope you can adjust and be successful! We're rooting for you, Neni!

I’ve been here two or three times before, but never to the south, it’s really fun!! everyone’s been nice and the city is beautiful!! I went to a viewpoint yesterday, look! <3

It’s really pretty! <3

Thank you for your good wishes, Anon, I am doing my best!!! ;u;


I was messing with a coloring style and it ended up being Rocket… The expression seems OOC though… orz

Neni I hope you’re doing well and I hope your move was successful! I can’t wait to see your art again on my dash.

Anonymous: sorry i could not donate more u_u i wish i was able to!

Everything you decide to donate is well received and is appreciated the same, even if you donate a couple bucks that is enough to buy a carton of milk or a package of rice. <3 you’re still helping me out and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I could finally put the donation button, guys! It’s on the blog now, up and running!

Everything you donate will be very welcomed and you’ll have my eternal thanks. There is no set amount so you just can contribute with what you can or what you want!

I also made this page here for those who are not familiar with my current situation or don’t know why I’m asking for your help. If you have a question about my country’s problems or my trasatlantic move or anything else feel free to ask me and I’ll do my best to reply, you have the right to know!!

You can also use it as if it were a Patreon, unfortunately I can’t use the system but paypal does let you pay whatever you want monthly! 

I’ll have to see if you’re interested in it first and depeding on that I can start setting up rewards and producing new content each month! You can always tell me things you want to see too, new comics about the game, about Starbell’s story, wallpapers, illustrations; if I’m going to get your help I will always hear what you have to say and try to please as much of you as I can!

I will also be working on my commissions, hopefully next week I’ll be opening them up again, so you can write if you’re interested and I’ll send you the form and add you to the wait list!

I am going to be working as much as I can, I’ll do anything to get out of here and try to survive those two months I’m going to be there without the support of my country. Hopefully after those two months I’ll know if I can continue studying or if I’ll have to change my plans again.

No matter what happens I wouldn’t be able to do this without you guys. You’ve been loving and supportive; you’ve given me work and you’ve been so rodiculously generous to me, I just want you to know someday I’m going to find a way to thank you all for everything you’re giving me right now.

You’re all amazing.


P.S. Even if you can’t send a donation if you can help me out signal boosting the heck outta this It would also be really helpful!Thank you so much.


As I explained before, I’m going to be moving from one continent to another in two months! But I’m leaving in a very precarious situation and I need every penny that I can save so I don’t end up homeless in a country that’s very, very far from mine. OTL

(You can read more about my situation here.)

That’s why commissions are going to be OPEN for as long as I can!

Because I leave in two months I need to be able to work and save money fast. But I don’t want to give you mediocre drawings so I will be drawing simple characters from now on, no backgrounds this time. Those take a lot more time and I don’t have it, sadly.

Ok, specifications and commission process under the cut!!

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I am finally settled in!!

I am slowly adapting to the new hours and living with roommates and all, but after a week here I am finally feeling more calmed, less afraid and more excited!!

The money from those who commissioned me and the ones who were and are kind anough to donate helped me buy food for the month and basic things for my room like a lamp and a chair and a pillow!! Thank you so much!!!

I’m going to be using the weekend to send the wallpaper and doodles to the last two people who donated before I moved here, I’m sorry I’ve taken so long. OTL

I will also open commissions again pretty soon to be able to buy some clothes for the cold and maybe a blanket. <3 I am also in the process of creating my own paypal account so I am no longer bothering my friend, but I’ll tell you when I change it.

I’ll reblog both my commission and donation posts for the ones who’ve been sending asks about the prices and links and as I’ll starting drawing more comics as soon as I can!! <33


Anonymous: If your flying out, I assume you could exchange your money then? So everything is gonna be ok? Lil anon wishes you the best! (\••/)

Not my own currency OTL Not here, not anywhere else! That’s why I had to save in foreign currency!

I have whatever I could make with my commissions and what you lovely people have donated to me in the Paypal account and a little something my parents had saved and they gave to me! I’m still waiting for CADIVI’S answer and that could take another month, but I’m going to spend the money I do have VERY carefully while I wait and I’m praying their answer will be positive! >:) I will not give up!

Thank you for your wishes lil anon!!! MEGASMOOCH

Anonymous: Good luck on your move tomorrow!!!!