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Welcome to Starbell!

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nanoquack: What would you accept as a reference picture for your art? :)

Depends on what you want me to draw! Do you have other pictures kof the character(s) you want, or if they’re animal crossing characters, do you have screenshots or anything?

Anonymous: If your flying out, I assume you could exchange your money then? So everything is gonna be ok? Lil anon wishes you the best! (\••/)

Not my own currency OTL Not here, not anywhere else! That’s why I had to save in foreign currency!

I have whatever I could make with my commissions and what you lovely people have donated to me in the Paypal account and a little something my parents had saved and they gave to me! I’m still waiting for CADIVI’S answer and that could take another month, but I’m going to spend the money I do have VERY carefully while I wait and I’m praying their answer will be positive! >:) I will not give up!

Thank you for your wishes lil anon!!! MEGASMOOCH

Anonymous: Good luck on your move tomorrow!!!!


Anonymous: Everything ok over there?

YEAH! I’m just suuuper busy!! I move on saturday and I still have so many things to do!! @.@ I don’t even have time to be nervous! I’ll be sure to let you know when and if I got there safely!! ;u; 

Anonymous: who's yuji?

I really have no idea.



Every time I look at Kabuki I think of how he looks like one of the 13 gods in Okami. I think Kabuki and Amaterasu would be friends if he/she were in AC.

Anonymous: (Same anon that talked about the comic's suspense) Also, thank you for making time to do another comic strip! :)

Thank YOU and everyone for all your patience and support and of course for everyone that has will or is thinking of donating, I’m going to work really hard to try and keep the comics going. ;u; I might have to spend less time on bgs and stuff but I want to keep doing them! Thank you so much!!

Anonymous: What, what did they find!!!! The suspense! :0

Drunken Tom Nook attacking villagers.

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what are u planning to do with that, elvis………

Anonymous: what is your favorite love poem?


Na me oh.

Oh na me, oh,

Na me oh.



It’s a bit sad but I think it’s beautiful.


quickie lil thing for starbel 




I loved waving to my villagers


more food + acnl - palette 14

kabuki this time (a friend asked for cat-themed ramen) Please full-view for best quality

please don’t repost/use without permission! thank you

me seducing cash

jfc breezy